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Bellydancer Aaliyah Zhoura from Berlin

Bellydance - Fire, - Samba and LED shows

World class show entertainment from the bellydancer Aaliyah Zhoura from Berlin!

Experience the magic of the Orient!

Aaliyah Zhoura is one of the best and most professional dancers of the European bellydance scene!


Like a princess from 1001 Nights, Aaliyah Zhoura captivates with her grace, her beauty and her youth. In her impressive belly dance shows, Aaliyah enchants the audience with her glamorous appearance and an oriental elegance that is characterized by passion, as if the legendary dancer Salomé was reborn and came to Germany.

Her repertoire includes among others the classical

oriental belly dance, fiery samba shows like at the carnival in Rio de Janeiro, captivating LED shows or her unique and spectacular fire show.


In the gallery you can get a visual impression of the artist.

Let this beauty take you to a mystical world from 1001 nights

and book the spectacular dance shows of Aaliyah Zhoura for your event.

You will of course be personally and exclusively advised by Aaliyah Zhoura.


Fire Show

LED Show

Samba Show

Aaliyah Zhoura Bauchtänzerin Berlin
Aaliyah Zhoura, Feuershow Berlin
LED Show Berlin
Aaliyah Sambatänzerin Berlin

Events and occasions where you can book Aaliyah:

  • Weddings

  • Birthdays

  • Company celebrations

  • Restaurants

  • Shisha Bars

  • Clubs

  • Stage Shows

  • Henna Evenings

  • City festivals

  • Children's parties

  • Gala Events

  • Men's Day

  • Circumcision ceremonies

  • Film and video shoots

  • and so on...

Aaliyah Zhoura LED Show

About Aaliyah

Aaliyah Zhoura Bauchtanz Berlin

Aaliyah started her career at an early age at turkish weddings and in restaurants with classical oriental dance.


But she wouldn't be considered Berlin's most innovative and diverse dancer if she had only stuck with weddings. Aaliyah brings the latest dance trends from all over the world and incorporates them into her shows in an incomparable way.


She participated in the shows "Asrar - Das Geheimnis" and "Karawans" in the oriental Varieté Madi - Zelt der Sinne and "Spirit of Caucasus" of the Azerbaijani singer and "The Voice of Germany" participant

Seyran Ismayilkhanov,

appeared as Estefania in the movie "Asphaltgorillas" by the renowned director Detlef Buck and as bellydancer in the music video for "Rollerblades" by German rappers Summercem and KC Rebell

and danced at Lou Bega's wedding.


But also at individual shows of the most renowned clubs and restaurants of Berlin like the "Xara Beach", "Marouush", "Arabesque" and "Phoenecia" the beautiful dancer could always enthuse the audience.


As a regular guest, Aaliyah is also a highlight in the gala show "Orientalhane" of celebrated bellydancing star Zadiel Sasmaz.

But Aaliyah has not only built up a fan base in Berlin.

Regular performances all over Europe have consolidated her good reputation as a dancer and entertainer.


As a trained designer, Aaliyah designs and realizes most of her costumes and accessories herself. With great attention to detail, she always creates unique and innovative elements for her show, which do justice to the perfectionist credo of the artist. This total package makes Aaliyah's shows the unique, glamorous and breathtaking highlight that has already inspired so many people.

Aaliyah always responds to the wishes of her customers and tries to do everything possible to ensure that no wish remains unfulfilled.


Highest level, professionalism and rousing passion are the foundation stones for a perfect show.

Frequently asked questions:

How do I book an event?


First you ask me a question. You can do this by phone at +49 1763 2602205 or by using the booking form.


On the phone I can give you directly all information about the individual shows. We can discuss how long the show should be, whether you want to have a belly dance show, a fire show, a light show, a samba show or

would like to have a combination of the different offers.


With the booking form you can already tell me exactly what you have in mind for your event, there you can choose from different points. The more information you fill in, the better I can create a suitable offer for you.

Once we have agreed on the details, I will make a firm booking.

Aaliyah Zhoura mit Federn
Aaliyah Zhoura traditioneller Bauchtanz

How much does a belly dance show cost?


This always varies and depends on where the dance show is to take place, how long it is and how elaborate it is. There are no travel costs within Berlin.

This applies for example to the districts of Pankow, Prenzlauer Berg, Mitte, Charlottenburg, Wedding, Weißensee, Köpenick, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Neukölln, Moabit, Spandau, Steglitz, Schöneberg, Reinickendorf, Tegel, Marzahn, Lichtenberg, Ahrensfelde, Grunewald, Zehlendorf, Treptow, Hellersdorf etc.


Outside of Berlin, such as in Bernau, Oranienburg, Zossen, Königswusterhausen, Prenzlau, Brandenburg an der Havel, Straußberg, Eberswalde, Magdeburg, Frankfurt / Oder, Rostock, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Frankfurt am Main or Stuttgart,

I charge 0.30 € per kilometer, or add the cost of train or flight.

Can I choose the color of your belly dance costume?


At a wedding, birthday and other celebrations there is often a colour theme. With pleasure I try to adapt myself to this colour theme.


I have more than 20 belly dance costumes in a wide variety of colors, with coin belts, sequins, rhinestones, flowers, wide swinging belly dance skirts, narrow skirts, which are also suitable for tight locations, and a variety of great accessories.


In the gallery I have listed the current costumes for you. Feel free to choose your favorite costume and choose the color.

Aaliyah Zhoura Berlin
Bauchtanz Berlin

Which dance props are available?


To make my shows even more interesting, I like to work with different accessories like:


Fire Torches, Fire Crown, Candle Tray, Feather Fans (also with LED) Veil, Butterfly Wings, Fanveils, Veil Poi, LED Veil, LED Fanveils, Isis Wings (12 different colors to choose from), LED Isis Wings, Oriental Sword, Saidi Stick, Shammadan (Candleholder), Flamenco Fan, Cymbals.

How long does a belly dance performance last?


A belly dance show usually lasts 20-30 minutes and includes the entrance with one of the above mentioned dance props, classical or modern oriental dance, drum solo and, if desired, the involvement of the audience.


Of course you can also book several shows of 10-15 minutes long and combine the different ones. Popular combinations are for example:


Bellydance Show + Fire Show

Bellydance Show + Samba Show + Fire Show

Samba Show + Bellydance Show + LED Show and so on...


I would be happy to make you a customized offer for your event.

Feuershow Berlin
Showtanz Berlin Bühne

Do you also perform in Europe?


You can book me anywhere in Europe. From a distance of < 200 km I plan an overnight stay, which means that in addition to the fee and the travel expenses a hotel must be booked.


I'm flexible regarding the method of transportation, we will discuss this personally and depends a little bit on the show equipment I have with me.

Is it possible to book several dancers?


Yes, it is possible. I work with the best artists in Berlin. You can book me as a duet with one of my dance partners or with up to 5 other dancers in the group, as well as in duet with Zadiel Sasmaz, the most famous male bellydancer in Germany.


If you have any further wishes, I will be happy to organize further show acts like Contorsion, Aerial Acrobatics, Juggling, Ori Tahiti, Burlesque, Bollywood, Capoeira etc...

Bauchtanz Duo Show Berlin

company party

Kudos to Aaliyah Zhoura, her performance was unique and very professional.
She enchanted our audience.



Very friendly contact. Reliable and flexible, just great. Highly professional and authentic. Responded to individual needs... Everyone was super excited! It was the highlight of the evening and unforgettable for everyone!


We liked the performance. We thought the involvement of the audience was great. We received a quick response to our query. All agreements were kept perfectly.

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