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First Class Fireshow Berlin


Hardly any other element fascinates and enchants as much as fire.

Mystical, passionate, dangerous and full of temperament. Qualities that Aaliyah Zhoura also combines in her breathtaking fire show.


Become part of a world of flames and fiery magic.

And of course, romance is not neglected.


Whether it's tender candlelight or a burning heart. Fire means passion, fire means love. Aaliyah Zhoura offers you an incomparable experience with this hot element.


A first class fire show is perfect for weddings, birthdays, company celebrations, clubs, city festivals and many other events in Berlin and throughout Germany.


Book now your desired fire show and and be enchanted. 

Bellydance show with fire as opening act


A special upgrade for the belly dance show is the entry with fire. With hand torches or a fire crown Aaliyah Zhoura conjures a fiery intro for you, before she takes you to hot rhythms in the Orient.


This show variant is possible in almost all rooms with a ceiling height of at least 3-4 meters. The arrangement with the location is necessary in any case.


Small fire dance show


The small fire dance show can be individually tailored to your wishes, just like any other bellydancer entertainment.


The show offers you an entrance with Isis Wings or LED veils. Then follows a passionate oriental dance which will take you into the world of 1001 nights. Let yourself be enchanted by a drum solo, by Aaliyah Zhouras fire dance with hand torches, fire crown, body fire and fire fans and experience how the hot element fire is tamed by Aaliyah. The whole thing is perfected by a romantic fire decoration.

Grand fire show


The grand fire show offers everything a heart could wish for. Aaliyah Zhoura offers you a complete show with spectacular props such as:

  • Body fire 

  • Fire

  • Body fire 

  • Fire Crown

  • Fire Fans

  • Hand torches

  • Fire Umbrella

  • Fire poi

  • Snake poi

  • Fire Staff

  • Swinging Torch

  • Large Fire Fans

  • Rain of fire

  • Burning Heart

  • Burning Numbers


You can book the grand fire show with different themes. Aaliyah will gladly adapt the choice of music to your wishes. From mystical, oriental, modern, rock or medieval, there are no limits to your imagination.

Duet fireshow


The grand duet fire show is a real firework for the senses. You can book Aaliyah Zhoura together with another dancer or fire-breather, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone.

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Important notice:

The shows usually take place outdoors and require a performance area of about 4 x 4 meters.

Depending on the show Aaliyah is flexible and so far a solution has always been found.

In agreement with the location a small fire show is also possible indoors.


Eine super tolle Persönlichkeit wir hatten alle viel Spaß wirklich nur zu empfehlen. Sie hat uns im Tanz mit eingebunden es wahr alles im allen einfach perfekt man hat sich wohl gefühlt.


Die Geschäftsleitung und unsere Mitarbeiter bedanken sich für die tolle Darbietung. Der Show war ein super Höhepunkt bei unserer Weihnachtsfeier. Wir waren alle begeisterte Zuschauer besonders bei der Feuershow, die uns ganz schön eingeheizt hat. Sehr empfehlenswert und gerne wieder.


Hat uns sehr gefallen - würden wir gern wieder in Ansprich nehmen. Das Publikum war begeistert. Insbesondere das Zusammenspiel von Feuer und Tanz war sehr überzeugend.
Es war eine gelungene Veranstaltung.

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