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LED Show - Lightshow Berlin

Aaliyah Zhoura's LED show offers fascinating light illusions and magic moments. With the latest LED technology the professional dancer conjures a show that will carry you away and astonish you.


The LED show can be oriental with a bellydance costume or as a contemporary show with modern music.


The big advantage of a light show is that it can be realized at any time and is therefore a great alternative to a fire show in the cold season. Furthermore, it is absolutely safe and also possible in historical buildings.


Book now a spectacular light show for your event in Berlin and throughout Germany.


You can find more videos and pictures in the gallery.


Für den unvergesslichen Moment nutzt Aaliyah die neusten LED Requisiten:

  • LED Veil 

  • LED Isis-Wings with changing colours

  • LED Fanveils 

  • LED Dance Ribbon 

  • LED Levi Stick

  • LED Feather Fans 

  • LED Pois 

  • Pixelpois 

  • LED Umbrella

  • luminous bellydance costume

  • luminous samba costume

Weddings, birthdays, company events or other celebrations. The ultra-modern PixelPois allow photos of your loved ones, the names of the bridal couple, birthday numbers or the logo of your company to be conjured up with light in the air. Ask about the possibilities, Aaliyah will be happy to advise you.

Aaliyah Zhoura - LED Bauchtanz Show

Belly dance show with LED


You want to combine the belly dance show with an LED accessory? No problem. With an LED-Entry the show becomes a very individual and special experience.

Oriental LED Show 


The Oriental Light Show by Aaliyah Zhoura will

take your breath away.

In a romantic and dreamy atmosphere you will dive into an oriental world of light.


With the most different props and dressed in a glowing LED costume Aaliyah gives you a journey through the Orient, which you will not forget so quickly.


Modern LED Show


Of course Aaliyah also offers a modern show with different LED accessories for your event. Stirring music, passionate dancing and a top class light show provide the absolute highlight at your event.


Ask me for a customized offer.


A special highlight are the spectacular pixel pois with which various images and even names, photos and company logos can be projected into the air.


Aaliyahs Auftritte waren von Anmut, Ästhetik und tänzerischer Leidenschaft geprägt. Sie ist ein echter "Augenschmaus" und ihre Darbietungen sind sehr zu empfehlen.


Nicht nur das überraschte Geburtstagskind war sehr begeistert, auch alle anwesenden Geburtstagsgäste! Viele erkundigten sich danach, wie ich an Frau Zhoura herangekommen bin. Ich würde Sie jederzeit weiterempfehlen! Sie ist sehr nett und bewegt sich einzigartig. Wahnsinn!!!


Aaliyah hat uns mit ihrer Kuenstlerischen darbietung den Abend verschoenert,es war ein gelungener Auftritt.. Wedre sie auf jedenfall Weiterempfehlen!!!

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