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Belly dancer Aaliyah Zhoura from Berlin: Book belly dance show, also with LED and fire

Aaliyah Zhoura - Bauchtänzerin Berlin

Experience an incomparable belly dance show full of magic and grace.


The dancer Aaliyah Zhoura, who has dedicated herself to oriental dance with passion and devotion for many years, invites you on a journey to the Orient. Let yourself be carried away into the world of sultans, caravans, mysterious djinns and adventurous tales. 

From company parties to private events, Aaliyah Zhoura creates an intoxicating dance show for every occasion, tailored to your wishes.

Whether with graceful veil wings or spirited fire fans, mystical or joyful or with intoxicating passion, the enchanting belly dancer Aaliyah Zhoura will be happy to put together an individual and unique programme for you.

Here are some excerpts from Aaliyah's repertoire​:

  • Veil dance -> also with LED 

  • Veil fan -> also with LED 

  • Fire dance - belly dance with fire props like hand torches, fire crown, body fire or fire fans

  • Candle dance with candle tray / with real candles or LED candles 

  • Isis-Wings Performance ->also with LED - Imposing veil wings like those of the Egyptian goddess Isis

  • Classical belly dance - Traditional belly dance to classical Arabic music pieces

  • Modern belly dance - Peppy songs from the current Arabic charts, modern dance accessories

  • Turkish belly dance - Turkish music pieces, Roman Havasi

  • Drum solo 

  • Sabre dance

  • Cymbal dance

  • Candle dance | Shamadan (wedding dance)

  • Cane dance / Saidi ->also with LED

  • Veil-Poi Performance - veils dance as if enchanted through the air around the dancer

  • Flamenco Oriental Show

Duet show with the internationally renowned
Turkish belly dance star Zadiel Sasmaz:

In this interplay of male and female belly dance, guests are treated to an impressive firework display of the senses. An absolute highlight for every event. Together with Zadiel Sasmaz, Aaliyah Zhoura forms a duo that is second to none.

Aaliyah Zhoura - Bauchtänzerin Berlin
Aaliyah Zhoura - Bauchtänzerin Berlin

Here are a few examples:

German wedding, Turkish wedding, Russian wedding, Romanian wedding, Greek wedding, Arab wedding, Indian wedding, Bulgarian wedding and so on. There are no limits to the imagination.


Aaliyah likes to involve the bridal couple and the wedding guests in her programme, which always creates a great atmosphere.


Fill out the online booking form or call Aaliyah Zhoura directly for a no-obligation quote according to your wishes.

Wedding Show International:

If you are looking for a highlight for your wedding, a belly dance show by Aaliyah Zhoura is just the right thing. Of course, a belly dancer is also super suitable as a wedding gift and surprise for the bride and groom. 

Get in touch with Aaliyah Zhoura, she will gladly adapt her show to any nationality. With suitable music, whether Arabic, Turkish or Balkan, Aaliyah responds to your wishes and conjures up a show for you that everyone will talk about for a long time to come. 

Aaliyah Zhoura - Bauchtänzerin Berlin
Aaliyah Zhoura - Bauchtänzerin Berlin


A belly dancer is a popular highlight at any birthday. Surprise the birthday boy or girl or your guests with Aaliyah's unique birthday show.


An Arabic Happy Birthday, dance with the birthday boy or girl as well as the party guests, classic oriental or with a funny polonaise, no one is guaranteed to remain seated. 

Girls just wanna have fun !!!

This programme is ideal for hen parties or women's parties!

After her belly dance show, Aaliyah Zhoura will give a small belly dance workshop so that everyone can gyrate like Shakira to oriental pop songs. Party atmosphere is pre-programmed. 

An absolute highlight!



Bachelor Party


You want to surprise the bachelor with a pretty dancer?

Then Aaliyah Zhoura's belly dance show is just the thing.


With her exotic dance at the highest level, she awakens the fire of the Orient in a sensual way.

The bachelor becomes a sultan for this evening. As a sign of this, he receives a golden turban.

Aaliyah Zhoura - Bauchtänzerin Berlin

Show for Kids


Whether as a colourful butterfly or an oriental fairytale princess, Aaliyah Zhoura enchants even the youngest.

This show is fantastic for children's birthday parties, kindergarten parties or other occasions with a young audience. 

In addition to an entertaining show with colourful veils and butterfly wings, Aaliyah Zhoura brings great belly dance scarves for the little ones and the grown-ups to all dance together to child-friendly belly dance music.

Great fun for young and old.


Aaliyah also likes to slip into the role of various princesses for her young fans, who have become idols in children's bedrooms.


On request, you can also book children's face painting with glitter.


They were great performances and really livened up the mood at my wedding. My guests, husband and I were thrilled.


It was a surprise for my husband's 60th birthday. We were all thrilled, she did a great job. I can only recommend Aaliyah to others.


Aaliyah's performances were characterised by grace, aesthetics and dancing passion. She is a real "feast for the eyes" and her performances are highly recommended

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